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Accessory disc Ø 230mm

Supporting plate with velcro Ø 230 mm NEW DESIGN
Steel brushes, fineNo.:61000

Range of application

NEW ! Dust-free sanding due to foam rubber base with DUST DUCTS.
Grinding dust of the whole surface is transported outwards by centrifugal forces where it gets fully sucked off.
Cleaning and Polishing
Cleaning-Pad grain 80, coarse (6 pcs.) No.:62200
Cleaning-Pad grain 120, medium (6 pcs.) No.:62000
Cleaning-Pad grain 180, fine (6 pcs.) No.:62100
Polishing-Pad, very fine (2 pcs.) No.:62800
Lambskin-Pad, superfine (2 pcs.) No.:62900

Range of application

Cleaning fair-faced concrete f.e. or polishing parquet
Emery grain 40 (6 pcs.) No.:61100
Emery grain 60 (6 pcs.) No.:61200
Emery grain 80 (6 pcs.) No.:61300
Emery grain 100 (6 pcs.) No.:61400
Emery grain 120 (6 pcs.) No.:61500
Emery grain 150 (6 pcs.) No.:61600

Range of application

Sanding discs for professional painting and varnishing
Joest Superpads (patented useit-Superpad P)
Joest Superpad grid 40 pack of 6 No.:69840
Joest Superpad grid 60 pack of 6 No.:69860
Joest Superpad grid 80 pack of 6 No.:69880
Joest Superpad grid 120 pack of 6 No.:69812
Joest Superpad grid 180 pack of 6 No.:69818
Joest Superpad grid 220 pack of 6 No.:69822

Range of application

Sanding discs for professional painting and varnishing

Unique fullsurface perforations and patented Velcro-type system allows:
- full-surface dust extraction (no clogging)
- higher sanding capacity and shorter sanding time
Grinding grids
Grinding grid 80 (4 pcs.) No.:69780
Grinding grid 100 (6 pcs.) No.:69710
Grinding grid 120 (6 pcs.) No.:69712
Grinding grid 180 (6 pcs.) No.:69718
Grinding grid 220 (6 pcs.) No.:69722

Range of application

For plaster, filler, etc.
Business Spinex-Stępniak Spółka Jawna is the exclusive distributor of ROKAMAT products on the Polish market. We take special care to have constant availibility of the machines, accessories and spare parts. Our experianced staff is always ready to help. We provide warranty and post-warranty certified service of ROKAMAT machines. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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