• Innovative spraying technology
  • Two parts spraying nozzle (plastic), very easy servicing, low-priced, easy handling
  • Facil cleaning without tool
  • Air ducts directly accessible
  • Less air requirement as common nozzles
  • Excellent spraying performance

Set Spraying nozzle 4/6/8/10 mm (1 per unit) Art.No. 92000
Spraying nozzle 4 mm (5 pcs) Art.Nr. 92004
Spraying nozzle 6 mm (5 pcs) Art.Nr. 92006
Spraying nozzle 8 mm (5 pcs) Art.Nr. 92008
Spraying nozzle 10 mm (5 pcs) Art.Nr. 92010
Business Spinex-Stępniak Spółka Jawna is the exclusive distributor of ROKAMAT products on the Polish market. We take special care to have constant availibility of the machines, accessories and spare parts. Our experianced staff is always ready to help. We provide warranty and post-warranty certified service of ROKAMAT machines. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spinex - Stępniak Spółka Jawna
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